Construction history

Naantalin Kaivohuone was built in 1868. Which architect designed the building is not certain, but architecturally Kaivohuone represented the rococo style, which also influenced Gustavian design. The original wells were in a room with large terraces on the seaward side of the church, which was later modified to create an inner space. Recent renovations returned the rooms to their original condition; in particular, the layers from previous restorations were peeled away to reveal the earlier finishes.

Renovations of the building uncovered a secret mid-layer, which was used for storage. That secret room displayed a selection of original wallpaper designs, which was used as an archive for the design of new wallpaper for Kaivohuone. The exterior colour scheme also reflects pigments from the period of construction.

  • 1868 Kaivohuone built, three bedrooms and two verandas
  • 1882 Area is doubled
  • 1884 Basement bowling alley completed
  • 1908 Terraces extended
  • 1929 Seaward terrace facade changed
  • 1979 Facade repair
  • 1984 Church-facing changed
  • 1993 Entrance renovated
  • 2004-05 Large scale renovation and conservation work

Life at Kaivohuone

Naantali’s first Well Room (=Kaivohuone in Finnish) was built in Viluluoto in 1724. Distinguished gentlemen and ladies came to Naantali to take the waters, which were said to improve headaches and gout, among other conditions.

They were accommodated next to the well and offered the option of full treatment. At regular intervals, a ’well master’ would ring the bell inviting guests to drink the sulphur-rich water – eight glasses a day! As well as the medicinal waters, entertainment would be provided – usually dancing and music.

In 1868, a new Kaivohuone was built in its present location – away from the source – and, twenty years later, Kaivohuone’s music pavilion was erected in the park, which featured hired musicians and singers.

The new venue soon became the most popular in the city: various dances, music and entertainment events were organised, with international orchestras and musical ensembles.

For almost 150 years, Kaivohuone has been a popular destination for dancing, music, and dining in Naantali’s characterful old town. Today, the tradition continues, as every summer Kaivohuone opens its doors to welcome customers with great food, great company – and some of the best live music around.